5 of the Most Fabulous Places in Branson for Nature Lovers

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One of my dad’s favorite places in the United States is Branson, Missouri. He’s not one to wander far from home, but the drive from Kentucky to Branson, Missouri is one he’s willing to make to hear some good music and enjoy live entertainment. When I was asked by April Yap from Branson Missouri Cabins if she could be a guest blogger on my site, I said, “Absolutely!” I haven’t personally been to Branson, but if my dad says it’s fun and the music is good, then it must be.

Hope you enjoy this post from April and Branson, Missouri.

The lively town of Branson, Missouri, is known for its world-class entertainment that caters to all ages, thrilling attractions such as theme parks and water parks, and tons of family-friendly offerings, not to mention the trademark Ozark-brand of hospitality that makes each of its guests feel at home. Aside from that, this town is also widely revered as the ‘live entertainment capital of the world’ as it houses the largest number of live music shows, theaters, etc. However, this town is more than just a vacation destination of modern fun, comfort and luxuries. It also offers some of the most fabulous places to enjoy nature. Here are five of the best places for nature lovers in Branson.

The Shepherds of the Hills

Located near the famous Table Rock Dam, which is itself already a great attraction, the Shepherds of the Hills offers amazing hiking trails and unique way to see and experience wildlife. It houses a fish hatchery which produces brown and rainbow trout, keeping the ever-beautiful Lake Taneycomo abundant with fish.

Also, this place offers lots of fun activities for nature lovers and for the whole family, as they have lots of pavilions, boat ramps, picnic tables and excellent fishing access aside from the staple forest trail.

Shepherds of the Hills is a great place for hiking and picnicing

Table Rock Dam

As I said earlier, Table Rock Dam in itself is already a great tourist attraction. It’s almost always present in every travel article related to Branson. With that, Table Rock Dam is definitely the place you can’t afford to miss when in this town in Missouri. You can camp, boat, swim and fish, along with other countless recreational activities in Table Rock Dam. If that is still not enough to keep you busy, you can check out the beauty of the Ozark Mountains and take pictures of this truly scenic place.

Table Rock Dam

The Marvel Cave

This cave is easily one of Branson’s oldest and most popular tourist attractions, attracting tourists since the 1800s. The Marvel Cave features amazing formations of limestone, and the guided tour gives you the chance to see these breathtaking works of nature up close as it takes you 500 feet below sea level.

The Marvel Cave is a top attraction near Branson

Also, this cave is near the most popular tourist place in Branson – the Silver Dollar City amusement park. It’s a theme park which has all the thrilling rides and fun activities you need for the whole family.

Forest Park

Built from the rubbles of the 1904 World Fair, this park houses some of the original buildings and some of the oldest attractions around town, such as ponds, gardens, and of course, the St. Louis Zoo. Camping in the Forest Park leaves you countless of places to spend the whole day with your loved ones, friends and the whole family. If you’re into art and/or interested in this town’s art culture, then you can check out the St. Louis Art Museum.


Forest Park is one of the most photogenic areas around Branson

Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area

If you’re still looking for more trails to conquer, then you should check out the Lakeside Forest Wilderness area. Experience the beauty of the town of Branson with its wooded and hill country that stretches 140 acres. Make sure you have your trusted camera with you ready for some of the most beautiful landscapes in Missouri. This place features waterfalls, glades and thousands of cedar-like trees. This trail will impress you with its beauty right from the get-go. There’s even a large log archway and an ornamented iron gate to greet you upon your arrival.

Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area is a nature lover’s dream


April is an online publisher for The Cabins at Grand Mountain in Branson, MO. She often writes about camping, Branson Missouri Cabins, Midwest traveling, and log cabin experiences.

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