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Population: 11+ million

Capital city: Athens

Major airports: Athens (ATH), Crete (CHQ), Santorini (Thira, JTR)

Trains: very limited train service, Greek Island Eurail Pass includes some island ferries

Ferry service: Many to choose from such as GreekFerries   and (my fave website for ferry bookings)

Main tourist draws: Acropolis in Athens, Oracle of Delphi, Mykonos for island partying, Santorini for romantics, Meteora Monasteries, Rhodes Island just might surprise you, Corfu Island, Crete, Thessaloniki

Exchange rate: 1 Euro = 1.22 USD (Jan 2018)

Local cuisine: If you are anywhere near the sea, you must try octopus, Greek salad with feta, moussaka is Greek lasagna, spanakopita is spinach and cheese in puff pastry, baklava, dolma is stuffed grape leaves, souvlaki is skewered meat used for gyros, loukoumades are deep fried honey puffs of deliciousness, boujourdi is hard to find but worth it – baked feta with tomato sauce and spicy peppers served with delicious crusty bread

Beer: There are too many to mention. Each island seems to have its own. Of the beers I have tried, my faves are Septem ACE Imperial IPA and Santorini Crazy Donkey, Red Donkey and White Donkey. I couldn’t decide.

The slideshow below is mostly Athens and Santorini. I visited several more islands while I was living in Turkey, so I will add  more photos later. Enjoy!

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    1. Yes, I love Greek food! Greece is where I first fell in love with feta cheese and of course, ouzo! The beaches are stunning and each one seems different from the others.

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