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Population: 60+/- million

Capital city: Rome, population 2.8 million

Major airports: Ciampino in Rome (CIA), Fiumicino, also in Rome (FCO), Florence (FLO), Palermo, Sicily (PMO), Milan (MXP)

Trains: Trenitalia, ItaliaRail (They are not same, so pay attention to which one you book with) ItaliaRail  Trenitalia

Main tourist draws: Where to begin? Rome, Florence, Naples, Milan, Vatican, Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Bologna, Cinque Terre, Pompeii, Islands off the coast of Naples, including Capri, and the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily, Tuscan hill towns like Orvieto and Lucca need a mention here too

Exchange rate: 1 euro = 1.14 USD (April 2016) check for more recent rates

Local cuisine: Yes, really, I’m going to suggest some things you may not know about. Sfogliatelle in Naples. Cassatini (cakes that look like breasts) in Sicily, although I had them in Naples and Amalfi Coast as well. Swordfish parmigiana, oh my. Pizza in Naples cannot be ignored here. Best in the world.

Beer: Bira Moretti, Peroni, Ghisa if you like a stout, Le Baladin which I thought was pretty good, but not served everywhere. There are lots of other craft type beers available in Italy as well.

This is a slide show of some of my favorite photos from my three trips to Italy. There are few more places on earth with cities and towns more photogenic than Italy.

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