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Population: app 4 million

Capital city: Kuwait isn’t big enough to have one, but downtown is referred to as Kuwait City.

Major airports: Kuwait (KWI), Fly Dubai (also coded KWI, so specify if you are going to this terminal)

Main tourist draws: There aren’t any. Really. There is no such thing as a ‘tourist visa’  here but some nationalities, including those from the United States, can get a visitor visa at the airport.

Exchange rate: 1 KD (dinar) = 3.27 USD (March 2017)

Weather: Hot. From April to October it is hot. Summers are 50C+ and that’s why I’ve never spent a summer here. Winter weather is actually really beautiful, unless there is a duststorm. No need for a coat, or even a jacket most of the time. Most apartments don’t have heat, so it can get a bit chilly inside, but it rarely reaches “cold” status outside.

Local cuisine: Machboos is chicken and rice with spices. Not sure how that qualifies as Kuwaiti cuisine, but they claim it does.

Beer: Hahahahaha!! Err, that would be illegal!! No alcohol served in Kuwait unless it’s bootleg.

There are a lot of websites out there about expat life in Kuwait. Here are a couple that might be helpful.

Expat Arrivals Kuwait

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