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I was so flattered to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Milla who created yogiwithwanderlust.com. I have never met Milla personally, but I had actually read quite a bit of her blog. She specializes in yoga and healthy vegan/vegetarian travel. I was interested because when I travel to certain countries, India, for example, I stick to a vegetarian diet, and I was curious about her experience.

When I found out Milla had nominated me, I felt like I’d been recognized by a friend and it felt great! I didn’t even know about the Versatile Blogger Award. I had been considering giving up on this whole blogging thing, but being recognized by Milla showed me there is some support out there for small-time bloggers like me, and I decided to continue giving this blogging thing a try. This recognition is very motivational and encouraging, more than Milla knows.

versatile blogger award

The purpose of this award is for bloggers to reward other bloggers who inspired them with their valuable content, exceptional stories, and/or writing skills.

I nominate the following very impressive blogs for The Versatile Blogger Award!

Ashley Abroad –  Ashley is a wine drinker, bookworm, and expat in Africa. She has been an au pair in Paris, backpacked through Europe, Asia, and Africa for a year, lived in Colorado and recently moved to Uganda. Her adventurous spirit and really well done blog are why I nominate Ashley.

PS Let’s Travel – This blog is a collection of Pat and Sarah’s wanderings, starting in Portugal. Pat is a chef and both are studying to be sommeliers. Their travels and their blog are off to a great start and I’ve enjoyed reading about all of their explorations and wine discoveries in Portugal, and an amusing boat rental in Barcelona. This blog is well written and entertaining and that’s why I nominate Pat and Sarah.

Old School Traveller – This is a rather hilarious guide to romantic and trouble free travel. His series of Honeymoon for One posts are lively and very entertaining, and simply a great read. He’s also quite the photographer, and that’s why I nominate Old School Traveler.

The Wanderlust Yogi – Jessica’s post on Cuba had me hooked from the get go. She’s a mom of two grown children, covers a unique variety of travel topics on her blog like yoga and dental tourism (who knew there was such a thing?). I love her presentation and especially, her post about Americans going to Cuba and that’s why I nominate Jessica.

Destination Aha! – Drew and  Will are on a mission to travel, experience, and make a difference wherever they go. Their blog is entertaining and has beautiful photos. They tell great stories through their blog posts, have two adorable dogs, and their blog is just really fun! That’s why I nominate Drew and Will.

Angus and Vivian Adventures – I got hooked on Angus and Vivian’s website, partly because it is beautiful and has an amazing layout. They are the definition of adventure travel. With limited time and budget, they spent their school holidays climbing, free diving and hiking in different countries around Europe. They camped almost everywhere, ate their weights in street food and adventured hard. Now they’ve settled down in England, but their adventures haven’t stopped, and that’s why I nominate Angus and Vivian. Also, their videos and photos are very impressive!

The Sweet Wanderlust – Brittany started The Sweet Wanderlust to chronicle her journey as she searches for the world’s best desserts and greatest adventures. She shares what she learns about the great (and not-so-great) things to do, eat and drink in this great big world. Brittany writes about all things sweet all over the world in her colorful and fun blog, and that’s why I nominate Brittany.

Worldly Trekker – Mike & Nina are a US ex-pat & British-Italian couple who travel the world and share photos, tips, & experiences through their travelblog. They’ve been to 60+ countries so far, including Kazakstan, which made me very envious, and their photos are amazing. That’s why I nominate Mike & Nina.

Traveling Foodie – This blogger is a traveler and foodie based in Toronto. Raymond mixes both his passion of food and travel by traveling the world to tour cities, explore nature and eat various cuisines. His travel and food blog focuses on these aspects of his journey. He posts pictures of all this great food, and food is hard to photograph well, and he does. Food is something I love to experience when I travel, and that’s why I nominate Raymond.

Travel Meets Munchies – This blog features two of my favorite things, travel and food! Man, this blogger can eat. This is a very entertaining blog with an exciting layout and presentation, and it makes me hungry. Each post features a tantalizing video of a food experience. That’s why I nominate Travel Meets Munchies.

Wayfaring Views – Carol aims to help you figure out how to travel on your own terms. She believes you shouldn’t feel obligated to see the ‘must see’ sites. Your travel plans should reflect your own peculiar interests and curiosity. I also like that, like me, she’s not in her 20s and just starting out, but her adventurous attitude has led her to some great places, and she does an amazing job of sharing this on her blog. That’s why I nominate Carol.

Travelling Jezebel – Meet Dani, a twenty-something from Manchester who has spent the better part of two years traveling the world. She has volunteered at orphanages in Morocco, travelled solo through Indonesia, and worked on a beach in Cambodia, and she doesn’t plan to stop traveling any time soon! She started this blog to share her travel experiences and hopefully inspire more people to take the plunge and just book that flight! I also like that she is passionate about human rights and women’s issues, and is not afraid to write about controversial topics. Her blog is beautiful and interesting, and that’s why I nominate Dani.

Things We’ve Seen – Anja and Henry, a German/Brazilian couple, are making their way around the world and blogging about it. They don’t stay in one place too long, but they sure do see a lot. They’ve been to some lesser-traveled destinations, like Mongolia where I hope to go soon, and I admire their sense of adventure. That’s why I nominate Anja and Henry.

The Epicurean Traveler – Erin is a Michigan girl who desires to live a life of culinary adventure and cultural exploration. She’s exploring the world one bite at a time, and combines her love of travel, food, and wine into a great and informative blog, and that’s why I nominate Erin. Well, that, and her header photo is a flight of beer which is one of my favorite things.

Unweary Traveler – Meet Jesse. He lives in Flagstaff, Arizona (I have a home in Tucson) and he’s from Knoxville, Tennessee (I’m from not-far-from-Knoxville Kentucky). I feel a kinship with Jesse and love his humorous approach to travel and his gorgeous, and sometimes hilarious, photos. He’s got a unique perspective on things and it shows in his writing, and that’s why I nominate Jesse.

versatile blogger
As I get older, coffee becomes more and more important to me

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me…

  1. I have never been married, but I’m no 20something, or even 30something, so that’s why some people find this unusual.
  2. When I watch any animal video with an animal that has been abused or neglected, I sob uncontrollably.
  3. I love spicy food, really spicy, and in India and Thailand I order by saying “Like you eat it!” They never believe me.
  4. Dogs turn me into a babbling fool and I just want to hug and squeeze every one I see. But I don’t.
  5. If forced to choose between beer or coffee, I think I would have to choose coffee.
  6. I think about chocolate at least 20 times a day. I’m probably thinking about it right now as you’re reading this.
  7. I hiked all 2,172 miles of the Appalachian Trail in 5 months and 5 days. It was awesome. You can read about it on my blog!
versatile blogger
This helicopter pilot at Victoria Falls deserves an award for all the times he’s suffered through a selfie

Rules of the Versatile Blogger Award

Like everything in life, even this award comes with a few simple rules.
1. Always thank the person who nominated you and share a link to their blog.

  1. Choose 15 blogs/bloggers who inspire you, who you have been following for a while or just discovered.

  2. Help people to get to know you better adding seven things about yourself you want to share with other bloggers.

Once nominated, you have officially received the Versatile Blogger Award. Congrats!



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