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Lounging around in Botswana

Traveling is one of the most popular hobbies around the world – but for many, it becomes difficult to discover new destinations that aren’t already oversaturated with tourism. With that being said, here are five potential travel destinations for you to consider that often go under the radar. Thanks to guest blogger Lauren Summers for bringing these five amazing travel destinations to my blog. I’ve been to Botswana and it is incredible. Now to tick the other four destinations off my bucket list…

Botswanatravel destinations

One of the more underrated destinations for a safari, Botswana unfairly goes under the radar for tourists visiting Africa. But there’s plenty to be discovered here – the aforementioned safari opportunities are some of the world’s best, and Botswana in itself is one of the most intoxicating and alluring countries you’ll ever visit.

Head to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve to spot thousands of animals including the gorgeous Kalahari lion, or explore Chobe National Park for unparalleled experiences with herds of buffalo, elephants and tens of other majestic species.

Elsewhere, the Tsodilo Hills are often dubbed the “Louvre of the desert” due to their ancient rock art, and the Bushmen tribe are extremely welcoming to visitors who want to learn all about their ways of life.

Maltatravel destinations

An archipelago packing plenty of history and culture into its considerably small size – only 500,000 people call this place home – Malta is an ideal destination for an all-rounder of a getaway. Whether you’re seeking adventure, natural beauty or a historical insight into the country, you’ll find it all here.

It’s no surprise that Malta is a perfect location for a beach holiday. The shores here come with jutting, dramatic cliff faces, as well as caves and wrecks underwater to be explored if you want to try your hand at diving.

The culture here is prevalent too – a Roman Catholic influence trickles down into the architecture, food and the ways of life for Maltese people. Be sure to get some time aside to discover and explore some of Malta’s majestic temples.

The Seychellestravel destinations

Destinations such as the Maldives and Mauritius have long been popular for traveling couples in search of a romantic getaway. But while these spots become arguably oversaturated with tourism, there’s an even better alternative that many people have yet to discover.

The Seychelles are an archipelago that may be the closest thing to paradise you’ll ever encounter – gorgeous, undisturbed white sands line the glistening Indian Ocean. Some popular beaches here include Anse Lazio and Anse Takamaka, but you won’t be let down by any spot you happen to come across.

It’s a place for a luxurious getaway, too – if you can afford to splash the cash, don’t hesitate to stay in one of the Seychelle’s many glorious resorts or private villas overlooking the waters.

Norwaytravel destinations

Arguably the most underrated part of Scandinavia, Norway has plenty of reasons to be upon your travel bucket list. Named the best place in the world to live by the UN, it’s safe to say Norwegians are more than happy to call this place home – so it makes sense to come and see why.

Oslo, Norway’s capital, is a showcase of what makes the country so special. Its diversity makes for one of the most unique cities in the entire world – it has snow-capped mountains and sprawling lakes alongside a buzzing hipster scene and activities such as Holmenkollen, the famed ski lift and zip-line.

It’ll be cold here, but when you’re sledding with huskies pulling you along or watching the incredible Northern Lights, the temperature will be worth it.

Belizetravel destinations

Many people come to Belize mainly for the Blue Hole, a popular diving spot that is on the bucket lists of many travelers from across the world. But this Central American destination boasts more than that, with lush jungles, wildlife sanctuaries and plenty of culture to be experienced.

Home to the Maya, an ancient civilization that left behind tombs, ruins and caves where rituals once took place. That culture trickles down into the current day, with people practicing certain traditions in the kitchen in particular.

Elsewhere, the aforementioned jungles hide plenty of adventure – zip-lining, rappelling and hiking through the forests are just some of the main draws that should catch your attention.

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